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Alright, that's it, I've had enough...

I'm sick and fucking tired of being miserable. For those few of you who read my fairly nondescript random bitching, you must think me a horribly bitter person...which, to a degree, I am right now. But I usually only write in this thing when I'm at my lowest moments, which is why it comes off as really fucking depressing. So, I decided to put up a non-bad post. I'm not happy right now, but I'm not all angsty at the moment. Maybe I should actually start using this as a journal, eh? Alright, I think I will.

*eh-hem* Day 1 -
Well, I didn't go into work today as I really didn't feel like it. It's not like I do anything there anyway. There was supposed to be a range mission, which would mean I'd get to blow stuff up...but odds are we would have ended up working until seven, which I was -not- in the mood for. Instead I played Return to Castle Wolfenstein and watched the Happy Tree Friends. I then, having decided that being in a relationship and miserable is better (or at least a refreshing change) than being alone and miserable. There's this girl here that has been showing some interest, but I haven't really persued the option as I didn't know how long I'd be here plus there was the prospect of someone back home (and I didn't want to skirt the line of infidelity even though fidelity really didn't enter into it)...but now the prospect reneged on just about everything she had professed, so I decided to "screw the bitch, and lose her like last week's condom" which people have been telling me (although not in those words) for months. So, having cut away the spare baggage, I feel a little better about life and might start looking for some fresh romance or something along those lines.

You know, life isn't all that's just that my life as of late has been fairly worthless (in as far as what I'm doing with it). But maybe, if I get a relationship off the ground, I will at least be able to take something away from these 10 weeks. So, here goes nothing...
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