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Thoughts and Random Shit

I've been in limbo for so long that I wonder if my real life will ever resurface. My life was my friends, but then I had to then life became my training, now I've completed that training...and still I remain. So now I'm waiting, waiting for a simple piece of paper with the appropriate signatures to release me to my life again. But week after week it persists. Nine weeks now, nine weeks of my life that have been utterly wasted...because I have nothing to use the time on. My writing has fallen into disarray and I cannot dredge it's depths without finding the results lacking. It's a fairly depressing situation... I have a's just on hold for the moment. I have friends and loved ones, I'll be doing stuff that few people get to do...hell, I get paid $1,450 a month to blow shit theory, but I haven't been able to do my job as I don't have that magical paper and those mystical signatures. Sooner or later I'll do to jump school, and sniper school...they'll make a combat operative out of me...but not until I get that wonderous paper... I'll be able to whisk friends off to Germany and have a ball...but not until I get that splediforous paper...

Ever since school I've hate the concept that ink on a sheet of paper can decide the course of your life; and this is more of the same...this is the principle in action. Because of this one sheet of paper I have spent nine weeks of my life that I'll never get back...

And worst of all I'm in a state of heightened mental activity, I have plans and ideas flying through my head but no outlet for them.

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