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Working Stiff

Work sucks...I mean it really sucks. Getting up at oh-dark-thirty in the morning, dragging my ass across this pitiful base to work at least nine hours a day, then haul same ass across base again to get to my college class, then back to my sorry excuse for a room in which I spend my remaining free moments either studying, whacking off, or sleeping. I look at the other rubes on base and discover that while most of their jobs are terribly boring, they're also terribly easy. I think the optomitrists have it best...they bullshit most of the day and occassionally give people a glasses prescription, they have next to no equipment that they deploy with, and they generally don't do much else. I hate this country, I hate my collegues, and I REALLY hate the fact that I was looking forward to this for all those weeks I was on hold. I have a deep-seeded fear that my life will be a series of self-dissapointments leading to an ultimate desire simply for it all to end...and I'm sure that will be dissapointing too. I have no friends one I even remotely care for...and no forseeable way out that doesn't involve permanent disfigurement, a long stay in a federal prison, or death.
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