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A Trip Down Memory Lane

I've been thinking a lot lately about the last two years or so of my life...mostly good things for once. I remember before I left for basic, running around and seeing people I hadn't seen in months or even years. I remember rebuilding bridges I thought burnt beyond recognition and rekindling flames I thought long extinguished. I remember driving out to Iowa City with my friend Gary for no other reason but it was there... I remember the car wreck in Muscatine where we gave the guy whose car was trashed a ride home and had an interesting discussion... I remember wrecking havoc on the schooolgrounds of Assumption in the dead of night... I remember what I thought was a last encounter that sparked a whirlwind two weeks that involved two altercations with the cops, a walk in the dead of night with total strangers from a pool we had just fled, and passionfruit body lubricant... I remember new friends who are working on becoming old friends... I remember why goats make me nervous... I remember cruising with a carload of drunken, stoned, caffine-ridden idiots belting out Japanese pop-music off-key as loud as we could while screaming public service messages to the pedestrians...

...Those were some good times...
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