The Frozen Shade of Things Once Past (hentaiguy42) wrote,
The Frozen Shade of Things Once Past

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Cold flesh
Knotted muscles straining
Fighting against the bitter chill
Striving on just this side of vainity
Barely clinging to a semblance of life
Pulling, pulling free of the embrace
The embrace of the mother
Sightless eyes view the world
Wordless lips quiver on a palid face
A silent heart like a hunk of frozen meat
Lays heavy in a chest that does not breathe
Blood pools in the near useles limbs
Frigid as black ice
Ears that hear nothing adorn a head
In which no thought passes through
The brain that does not hold that spark
Which makes something alive
Yet somehow this creature,
This abomination walks
And no one is the wiser
Shuffling feet carry it
Down the crowded streets
Shoving its way through the hoards
And no one cares
No one sees
Because they are all as it is
Empty husks that hold no passion
The living dead
With no ambition
And no hope
They do not fear death
For they died long before death came to claim them
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