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Staraphobia's List

(1) Staraphobia needs objectivity.

(2) Staraphobia is heroin.

(3) Staraphobia should learn to live.

(4) When I think of Staraphobia, I want to write sonnets or put my fist through a windshield...and I've done both.

(5) Life with out Staraphobia is safer, in much the same way as a cancer ward is safe.

(6) I want to fuck the beezeesus out of Staraphobia.

(7) Staraphobia makes me more happy and more angry than one can possibly comprehend.

(8) If I go to an adult shop, I would buy Staraphobia another ball-gag so the goddamned cops wouldn't show up again.

(9) When Staraphobia is flirting with me, odd things go through my mind.

(10) Staraphobia is a little bit crazy for my overwhleming machismo.

(11) In an ideal world, Staraphobia would be happy.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: It took me a good long time to pick out the correct wording to use on #6, but I -knew- that I had to get it just right for the desired effect. And something tells me it had just that... ^_^ *happy*
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